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Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving
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Friday, April 23, 2021

***ANSO Members Only Event***

0900 to 1500 (1 hr. lunch break)

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Rob De La Espriella

Rob is a former boomer sailor and one of the leading experts in root cause analysis (RCA) in regulated industries.  Rob is the creator of the BlueDragon Hyper-Integrated Causal Analysis (HCA) methodology, a modern and innovative approach anchored by "critical thinking." HCA identifies the deepest-seated causes of complex, human centric problems; problems that cannot be solved by math and science.  Rob currently teaches BlueDragon HCA at the US National Laboratories and the nuclear weapons complex, and is a recurring guest lecturer at Princeton University’s Keller Center for Entrepreneurship, teaching critical thinking tools and techniques to their Design Thinking teams each of the past five summers.  

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A note from the President of the Norfolk, VA Chapter:


In line with ANSO's mission to develop our members, this special event will allow personnel to obtain professional competencies and life skills that are routinely undervalued in the Sea Services, but which global business leaders during the 2016 World Economic Forum deemed as extremely important in their "Future of Jobs Report:” those skills are critical thinking and complex problem solving.   These skills can set you apart from other service members and add value to our war fighting capabilities.  


Don't miss it!”

LCDR Rolando Machado, Jr., USN

Registration & Tuition

$497 Tuition has been waived for ANSO members

To register, visit the ANSO web page by clicking HERE.

Workshop Highlights

  • This 5-hour virtual webinar will introduce you the two of the most critical life skills you can learn in the age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (1).

    • Critical Thinking​

    • Complex Problem Solving 

  • Mainstream education has failed to adequately provide these critical life skills in primary and secondary schools and higher learning institutions.  As a result, studies show that half of all millenials get an "F" in critical thinking (2).  The webinar will break down critical thinking into its basic components that can be learned, practiced and mastered. 

  • Mainstream education focuses heavily on math and science, but the vast majority of problems we face in our normal working environment cannot be solved using math and science. That is because they involve human-centric problems.  The webinar will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the graded approach to solving complex, human-centric problems using the most modern and innovative approach available in regulated industries: the BlueDragon Hyper-Integrated Causal Analysis Methodology.


(1) World Economic Forum, 2016 Future of Jobs Report)

(2) Williams, T. (2020). “Study: Nearly Half of Millennials Get an ‘F’ In Critical Thinking.”

Cost / Schedule / Class Size

  • The tuition for the 5-hour webinar is $497.

  • Tuition is waived for this one-time training webinar offered to ANSO members. 

  • Class times:

    • Morning session: 0900 to 1130

    • Afternoon session: 1230 to 1500

  • The seminar will be limited to the first 50 participants that sign up.  

What is Covered in the 5-Hour Webinar

  • The terms and definitions associated with causal analysis.

  • Critical Thinking​​ and its fundamentals: generating focused, evidence-based lines of inquiry. 

  • The anatomy of an event and why our organizations continue to experience recurring events. 

  • BlueDragon's scalable Hyper-integrated Causal Analysis (HCA) for solving problems of any level of significance or complexity (a graded approach).

  • The Hierarchy of Hazard Controls and how the corrective actions we use most often are the least effective of all corrective actions.

  • Using case studies, we will provide examples of how to solve complex, human-centric problems that cannot be solved by math and science alone.

Virtual Platforms / Requirements

  • The seminar will be conducted in Zoom.  

  • A webcam is required to participate and must remain on at all times during the seminar. 

  • You will be introduced to Mural, a powerful virtual whiteboard used to conduct assessments, investigations and root cause analysis. 

  • Prior to the start of class, you will be provided pre-workshop instructions on how to use Zoom and a link to a practice Mural so you can get acquainted with the virtual whiteboard.   

  • Internet download speeds greater than 30 Mbps are highly recommended. Please check your internet speeds at:

Who Should Attend

  • Any ANSO member

  • Personnel who wish to develop a better understanding of critical thinking and how to solve complex, human-centric problems.  

  • Personnel who wish to understand what will help them thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence.