The BlueDragon Education Initiative

Teaching Life Skills to underrepresented groups, College Seniors and Graduate Students, and Veterans Transitioning to the Civilian Workforce...for Free


Grade Schools and Universities are focusing on standardized testing and theory, and not teaching the practical application of critical thinking and complex problem solving; vital life skills that will help us thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

BlueDragon is helping students be better prepared to enter the workforce and make them more competitive when seeking employment, particularly in STEM fields. 
One Dean at a University Medical School noted that, tragically, critical thinking and problem solving have been replaced by cell phone search engines. 
As a Hispanic and a Naturalized Citizen (Rob immigrated from Colombia in 1968), Rob launched "The BlueDragon Education Initiative," to bring real-world critical thinking and complex problem solving tools and techniques to: 
  • Parents and teachers of grade school children
  • College seniors and graduate students in STEM fields
  • Hispanics and other underrepresented minorities 
  • Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities
  • Veterans transitioning to the workforce
Since the summer of 2016, Rob has been teaching BlueDragon Critical Thinking tools to Design Thinking Teams at Princeton University's Keller Center for Entrepreneurship. These tools are helping the teams gain valuable insights they use to solve significant issues in society. (Click here for an article from Princeton's Keller Center published in 2018). 
“I was blown away. This workshop should be taught to every [college] graduating senior, to give them real-world problem solving skills.”
(Cody W. – May 2017 - University of TN PhD Candidate in Nuclear Engineering)

“Rob really showed us what the process of creative critical thinking can look like. The level at which he was able to connect with the groups helped us internalize the value of his lessons beyond a mere presentation or lecture. The tools he taught helped us reorganize ourselves and our understanding of our challenge, which reframed where we were and gave us a sense of where to go next.”

(Drey T. Princeton University Class of ’20 - Member of the Design Thinking Team working on improving the care for the homeless in NYC) 

  •  DLE has awarded free tuition to over 100 full-time university students.
  • We are seeking sponsors and partners to help us put on workshops at colleges and universities at no cost to students or the university.  It takes as little as $5000 to sponsor a workshop for 20 students at your local college or university.  
  • We offer college interns at STEM companies placement in our workshops with discounted tuition.
  • We are seeking to partner with a Historically Black College or University to pilot a BlueDragon initiative at the colleges.  
  • We are seeking Colleges to sponsor a multi-year study to compare the performance of a group of students that receive the BlueDragon problem solving tools against a control group that did not receive these valuable tools.
  • We are seeking Veteran support organizations that would like to sponsor BlueDragon workshops for Veterans transitioning to the workforce.  
For more information contact:
Rob De La Espriella
(772) 341-1093

Princeton's Keller Center - 2018


Princeton's Keller Center - 2019


If you or your organization can help,
please contact us at:
(772) 341-1093
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