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HCA Refresher Training
Management Introduction to HCA

BD-100 & BD-500 Registration

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BD-100 HCA Refresher Training 
BD-100: BlueDragon HCA Refresher Training (4 hrs.) 
  • The latest enhancements to the BlueDragon HCA Framework

  • The latest in tools and techniques 

  • Lessons that were not previously covered during training

  • Updates to existing case studies or new case studies 

  • Refresher on the identification of root causes

  • Refresher on common cause analysis 

  • Refresher on how final reports are prepared

  • The latest copy of the Student Handbook 

  • Invitation to a live webinar to answer your questions. 

Target Population

  • Any former participant of BlueDragon workshops

Tuition for BD-100

BD-500 Management Introduction to BlueDragon HCA

Tuition for BD-500

  • This is our new training course for managers.  It is a self-paced course that is accessed through our BlueDragon Learning Management System (LMS).    

  • This training course is designed for supervisors and managers that have responsibility for overseeing assessments, root cause analysis and lean, six sigma improvement initiatives, as well as executive leadership teams that want to improve their organization's critical thinking and problem-solving cultures.

  • During this course, managers are introduced to the BlueDragon HCA approach: a modern, lean and agile methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of the most complex human-centric problems with amazing speed and accuracy. BlueDragon HCA is an invaluable part of Corrective Action and Performance Improvement Programs.

  • The course will highlight many of the new paradigms created by HCA, including how many traditional tools are integrated into one seamless and efficient process, how resources are used as sparingly as possible during the investigations, the importance of management's understanding and support for the HCA methodology, and how Executive Leadership Teams can strengthen their organization’s problem-solving and continuous improvement cultures through the implementation of BlueDragon HCA.

  • The effectiveness of BlueDragon HCA will be highlighted using case studies that include near fatalities, recurring equipment failures, and recurring program failures due to latent organizational and programmatic weaknesses.  Most importantly, we'll discuss how HCA should be used proactively to preemptively identify and address negative performance trends.

  • A Management Checklist for engaging the HCA teams will be provided.

Target Population (for clients that have adopted HCA)

  • Executive Leadership Teams

  • Managers with direct oversight responsibilities of complex problem solving efforts 

  • Military personnel in charge of overseeing investigations

  • Lean Six Sigma Supervisors and Managers

  • Managers of Accident/Event Investigators 

  • Industrial Safety ​Managers

  • ​Construction Safety and Management

  • Performance Improvement Department Management

  • Contractor Assurance Management

  • Corrective Action Program Managers

  • Occurrence Reporting Management

  • Safeguards & Security Management

  • Quality & Oversight Dept. Management

  • Environmental Health & Safety Management

  • Facility/Operations Managers

  • Engineering Managers 

  • Scientists

  • Operations Management 

  • Regulators providing oversight of groups implementing HCA

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Training through our Learning Management System
  1.  Complete the Registration Form

  2. Pay Tuition

  3. You will receive an email with login credentials

  4. Change your password on your first login

  5. Click on "My Courses" and start taking your course

  6. Complete the BD-100 or BD-500 course (4 hrs. each)

  7. Complete the course survey form

  8. Receive your Certificate of Completion 

Tuition for online courses through the LMS is due at any time prior to gaining access to the LMS. 
Tuition for instructor-led workshops are due 10 working days prior to the start of the workshop. 
Checks can be made out and mailed to:
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“Rob has done for cause analysis what Motorola did for Six Sigma, clearly and concisely bundled proven RCA tools into an effective method encompassing critical thinking, visual information, and succinct communication of a problem and its deepest seated causes."

- Mark Anderson,

Sandia National Laboratory 

(April 2021)