Annual BlueDragon User's Group Meeting - December 17 from 9am to 4pm EST

"BlueDragon Nation" is a community of practice that was established in 2017 by Rob De La Espriella, the founder and creator of BlueDragon Hyper-Integrated Causal Analysis (HCA). It brings together a group of people who share a passion for root cause analysis, allowing them to interact regularly and improve their complex problem-solving skills.

Each month we host a 90-minute BlueDragon Forum that is open to all BlueDragon practitioners. It is a great way to meet with Rob and ask those burning questions about the structure or implementation of HCA, and how to incorporate HCA into their Corrective Action Programs.

Once a year, we invite all BlueDragon users to present their success stories and lessons learned in a day-long meeting. For the first time this will be an all-virtual event, which has allowed many more members of the BlueDragon community of practice to attend and participate. As a result, this year features twice the number of presentations as in previous years. The annual meeting will be held this Thursday via WebEx and members of BlueDragon Nation have been invited via separate email.

If you are interested in joining us this Thursday 12/17 for the annual meeting and have not received an invitation, please contact Rob at

Here is this year's agenda:

0900 Rob – Welcome / BlueDragon 2021

0930 Donna Mailhot – Lawrence Livermore National Lab

1000 William Hall – Savannah River National Lab

1030 Tim Worrell – Merrick & Co.

1115 Scott Trammell – Bechtel National

1145 KEYNOTE: Nuala Calnan, PhD – Founder and Principal at BioPharm Excel

Topic: Eliminating recurring failure in the biopharma / life science sector - challenges and opportunities! (Nuala will be speaking to us from Dublin, Ireland).

1215 to 1300 – LUNCH

1300 Mario Cubillo & Ed Sierra - Brookhaven National Lab

1330 Dave Giblin – Sandia National Lab

1400 Robbie Harris – Los Alamos National Lab

1430 Breakout #1: Artificial Intelligence is coming – are we prepared?

1500 Breakout #2: The BlueDragon HCA implementation challenge: top 3 recommendations

1530 Closing remarks (ALL)

1600 End of Annual Meeting

For more information on how our annual User's Group Meeting, visit us on the web at:

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