October 2020 BlueDragon Nation Forum and December User's Group Meeting

On Thursday, October 15, BlueDragon Nation held its inaugural monthly Forum. The Forum is open to all past attendees of BlueDragon Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving workshops. The Forum was created as an extension of the workshops, to give BlueDragon users a community where they can meet other users, ask questions about the methodology that they did not get a chance to ask during a workshop, and come up to speed on the latest and greatest advancements, such as the BlueDragon Hyper-Integrated Causal Analysis approach.

Here are the primary goals for these monthly BlueDragon Nation Forums:

  • Learn: Rob De La Espriella, BlueDragon's creator, presents a different topic of interest each month, to reinforce one or more key concepts from BlueDragon HCA. He also covers new developments in the methodology and provides updates on upcoming offerings.

  • Share: BlueDragon users are encouraged to offer informal presentations on how they have used the method for quick-hit, apparent cause evaluations and root cause analysis. This is another way we can learn from each other.

  • Network: the forum is an excellent way to meet other BlueDragon users from the National Laboratories, the nuclear weapons complex, commercial nuclear plants, as well as personnel from Department of Defense, Aerospace and other large prime contractors. In many cases, users find out that their sites are trying to solve similar problems and are able to tackle these issues together.

Our next BlueDragon Nation Forum is on Thursday, November 19 at 3pm. The December Forum will be our 3rd annual BlueDragon User's Group Meeting. The user's group meeting is an all-day event where organizations volunteer to present 20 to 30 minute case studies of how they used BlueDragon to address a problem. There are also topics of interest and a period for questions and answers. The past two meetings were held live at our host facilities in Oak Ridge, TN and Aiken, SC, hosted by CNS and SRNS, respectively. Users traveled from as far as California to attend these meetings. The December User's Group Meeting in should be well attended as the meeting will be broadcast on Zoom. Stay tuned for more information.

If you would like additional information on dramatically improving the effectiveness of your root cause analysis, visit us at:

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