Vision / Mission / Ethics

Our Vision
A world without wicked problems!


Our VISION is about setting aside politics and biases and helping each other solve society's complex and wicked human-centric problems.  To solve complex and wicked problems is to end world hunger, global warming, homelessness, sexual abuse, racism and countless others. Imagine what the combined effects of solving those problems would do to our society and our standard of living.

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Our Mission
To change the way the world solves problems.


Our MISSION involves helping private and government institutions to adopt the most advanced methodology for solving complex human-centric problems in modern, socio-technical work environments.  We strive to create a renaissance in the field of study of human-centered problems; to influence our education systems to include critical thinking and problem solving skills in their curriculum, and to bring critical thinking and problem solving skills to underserved communities through community outreach efforts.  With these skills, we can make a difference and change the world!   

Our Code of Ethics
To conduct ourselves as servant leaders.


DLE employees and subcontractors are expected to conduct themselves  according to the highest principles of business ethics and is committed to conducting our business activities with honesty, integrity and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We also believe in conducting ourselves as servant leaders, focusing primarily on the growth and well-being of clients and our employees, and the communities to which they belong.  We encourage our staff to put the needs of others first and help everyone around us to develop and perform as highly as possible.