Why BlueDragon HCA?
Critical Thinking and
Complex Problem-Solving are
Essential Leadership Skills in the Age of Artificial Intelligence!

Our Mission:
"Lead Problem Solving Into the 21st Century!"

Spend More Time and Resources on the Mission

Accurately Identify What's Actually Causing Your Problems

Prevent Events from Recurring and Reduce Your Backlogs


Organizations often wonder why they don't seem to be able to solve significant issues and are having recurring problems.

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Most of the methods, tools and techniques being used for root cause analysis were created over 50 years ago! 

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There are too many tools to select from and they are not used often enough to acquire and maintain proficiency.

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Management is frustrated because problems are recurring in spite of best efforts to find and eliminate the causes.

HCA transforms your team into strong critical thinkers and problem solvers

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We at BlueDragon understand that Managers want their staff to be fantastic at solving problems and at getting to the root causes of their issues, so that they can prevent them from recurring. To do that, they need an effective problem solving method that is easy to learn and can quickly and accurately get them to the deepest-seated causes of a problem or event.  A method that is scalable enough to use for quick investigations as well as for solving the most complex of problems. 

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The U.S. National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex have upgraded their problem solving capabilities by switching to HCA's state-of-the-art complex problem-solving methodology. 

Many of our clients were using traditional RCA tools and methodologies that have been around since the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  Those methods were designed in another era and do not account for the complex interactions found in today's complex, socio-technical systems.  


We designed HCA to be fast, accurate, scalable and flexible, in keeping with today's constantly increasing demand for doing more, better, faster, with less. 



“Rob has done for cause analysis what Motorola did for Six Sigma, clearly and concisely bundled proven RCA tools into an effective method encompassing critical thinking, visual information, and succinct communication of a problem and its deepest seated causes."

- Mark Anderson,

Sandia National Laboratory 

(April 2021)